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 Hangzhou Hangyang Compressor Co.,Ltd. Was established in September 2000, and it is a share holding enterprise of Hangzhou Hangyang Co.,Ltd. The former of The compressor company is a key machine manufacturer enterprise subsidiary to HangYang Group, especially manufactures piston type compressors for various processes, and has more than 5 decades'history. The company is an enterprise integrating with the design, manufacture, marketing and after-sale service, and the application technology, safe stability and performance parameters of its products keep at omestic advanced level. Its products are widely used in many fields of both home and abroad such as metallurgy,  national defense, petrochemical,  coal chemical,  LNG,  and carbon dioxide treatment,  and the compression medium include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, NG, various raw gases, and refrigerants.  The company conducts the customers'-orientated business idea of ceaselessly meeting customers' demands, constantly as per market demands develops new products with science and technology as the lead, and owns independent intellectual property rights.In the last years, it was evaluated as the excellent innovation enterprise of Zhejiang Province, and it is the governing member of China General Machinery Industry Association Compressor Sub-association.
        Its manufacturing capacity can meet prouduct demands. It has production plant house of 17388M2,58 sets of main production equipment,including 12 sets of advanced equipment, and employs 170 workers and staff.
        It can technically meet customers'requirements. It employs 60 technical personnel including senior engineers, engineers, and technicians, and has strong capacity in product development.Its main products from a complete series,and it has the design qualificatin for pressure vessels of varegory Ⅰ&Ⅱ. In the last years,it obtained eight state patent rights, and took park in working out six industry standards such as JB/T6893"Medium Pressure Reciprocating Oxygen Compressors-specification".
        Its product quality can ensure users'interests. It strictly implements GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008"Quality Management Systems-requrements", which fully covers entire production process of the company, and strictly controls each product manufacture process to ensure the quality of ex-work products.
        It will provide all-round after-sale services. It establishes a complete user service system, provides technical support and service to ensure customers' safe and reliable use of the products,and conducts all-life maintenance if products.
        It will provide home and abroad customers first class prouducts and first class service, reach mutual wining, and keep mutual harmonic.

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